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Watch: How to predict the cicada invasion

In the coming weeks, the East Coast will get billions of uninvited visitors, and they aren't coming the way you'd expect. These creepy, crawly, and very noisy invaders will be coming out of the ground.

The Brood II cicadas are expected to rise from a 17 year sleep from the soil to begin their mating rituals. You'll know they're around because it will be hard not to hear them. The loud sounds they make are actually the males calling to the females.

If you don't want to wait around for the sound, "Radiolab" has a solution. You can build a device to test ground conditions and help the "Radiolab" team calculate their arrival. The cicadas will only emerge when the soil eight inches below the ground is a steady 64 degrees.

Watch to learn how to create your own cicada hunting device.

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