Washington Unplugged: Tracking the Health Care Vote

CBS News gurus Capitol Hill producer Jill Jackson and White House correspondent Mark Knoller gave John Dickerson the minute by minute update on health care on "Washington Unplugged" Friday.

Jackson explained why it is hard for reporters to definitively give a number of yes and no votes considering the field is constantly changing but warned that even if the House of Representatives pass the legislation on Sunday the fight is far from over.

Democrats to Watch

Once the bill leaves the House floor it heads to the Senate and "this is where things could get even more tricky because the Republicans in the Senate have many more options" - they can add a number to additional amendments.

"[I]f Republicans succeed in passing any of the amendments... it would have to go back to the House side to be voted on all over again," she explained.

Knoller said that the president delivered his fifty-fourth speech on health care today in Virginia and added drama to the battle brewing on Capitol Hill.

"He builds his speech to a crescendo trying to get his audience which is by in large very enthusiastic to keep up the pressure on members on Congress especially those who are wavering," Knoller explained.

He added that "since Monday, we are told, President Obama has spoken to at least thirty members of Congress either in person or on the phone, telling them they need to switch their votes to yes."

Watch the full show as well as a break down of what members of Congress and the administration are tweeting on health care from Kaylee Hartung.

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