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Washington insider David Gergen's advice for the nation's older political leaders: Step aside

Washington insider David Gergen, who has worked for four presidents on both sides of the aisle, says it's time for the current generation of political leaders to step aside. Gergen talks about the current state of national politics and his new book, "Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made" (published by Simon & Schuster, a division of Paramount Global), in an interview with Robert Costa for "CBS Sunday Morning," to be broadcast Sunday, May 8 on CBS and streamed on Paramount+. 

Gergen told Costa both Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi should leave their positions. He also says he believes President Joe Biden's time in the White House "should end with this term."

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

ROBERT COSTA: Your book says, "It's time for the current generation of leaders, frankly, to get out."

DAVID GERGEN: It's time for the –

ROBERT COSTA: "– to head for the exit." 

GERGEN: It's time for the torch to pass. There are some wonderful people who are in power – mostly, you know, baby boomers. But the truth is, as a generation, the baby boomers, I think even to many a baby boomer, has been a disappointment.

COSTA: President Biden, should he run again in 2024?

GERGEN: In my judgment, sadly, I think that President Biden's time as an active leader will end with this term – and should end with this term.

COSTA: Would the same message apply in the House, and in the Senate? Leader McConnell, Speaker Pelosi? 

GERGEN: Absolutely.

COSTA: They might say to you, "David, we might be near 80, but we can still do the job. We don't need to go away."

GERGEN: I think proof is in the pudding on that question. If this is the job they say that they're doing so well, I think most people in the country would disagree with that. Our problem is we've had too many leadership failures, not too many successes.

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