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Washington, D.C. depicted without politics or people on the eve of the election

(CBS News) Last week we saw the eerily-timed release of Thrash Lab's ongoing series "Empty America" depict the streets of New York City as vacant while the metropolis prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Now, on the eve of the presidential election, we see Washington, D.C. get the same treatment and depicted without politics or people. You really need to watch this one.

The amazing series created by Ross Ching and posted by Thrash Lab, an Ashton Kutcher project, has previously shown Seattle, San Francisco and New York City as desolate, urban landscapes that become surreal without the presence of a single person in them. They write about their latest:

In this episode of Thrash Lab's "Empty America" timelapse series, we take you to Washington, D.C. - the capitol of the United States of America. Visit landmarks like the Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial and the White House without any security guards, without tourists.

I continue to be amazed by each new part that comes out in the "Empty America" series, and highly recommend you check out the other cities we've written about here on The Feed if you haven't caught them yet by clicking here. And to learn more about or see other works by Thrash Lab, you can visit their website by clicking here.
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