Warrick Apologizes For Scandal

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Florida State receiver Peter Warrick took advantage of an off week to write a letter of apology for his role in a September shopping scandal.

Warrick, a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy before his arrest on theft charges in a scam at a local mall, said he wanted to speak on his own behalf through the letter published Friday in the Tallahassee Democrat.

"I don't want to send a message to young people that it is OK to break the law," he wrote. "Whether I choose to be or not, I have become a role model for other young athletes. In this situation, I regret that I did not set a good example."

Warrick, who missed two games while his legal difficulties were resolved, said he would never repeat his mistake.

"If nothing else comes of this, I want young people to know that talent and ability do not make you exempt from obeying the law or from the consequences that come from breaking it," he wrote. "Learn from my experience so you will not have to experience it yourself."

Warrick's teammate, Laveranues Coles, was kicked off the squad for his role in the Dillard's discount caper. The players were arrested after paying $21.40 for more than $400 worth of designer clothes from a 19-year-old store clerk, who was also arrested.

All three were given probation after plea agreements that included restitution, court costs and community service.

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