War and Peas: Online battle sprouts over new guacamole recipe

NEW YORK -- An online battle has broken out over altering the recipe for guacamole, and the commander-in-chief got right in the middle of it.

When New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark posted a recipe for a kind of new wave guacamole, one that includes fresh peas, she thought it was innocent enough.

"I do believe that in this world, there is room enough for pea guacamole, there's room enough for regular guacamole," she said. "We should try new things, right?"

President Obama weighs in on guacamole debate

Within hours of posting it, the Internet got all worked up. Mostly anti-pea.

"Cancel my subscription," said one tweet. "Put Thousand Island dressing in your milk, trust us," said another.

"There are pea haters out there," said Clark. "Who knew there were so many pea haters."

"I happen to be one of them," CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers told her. " I don't like peas."

It turns out neither does first foodie Barack Obama, who offered up this tweet:

Mr. Obama is something of a guacamole aficionado.

"Good chips and guacamole, I lose my mind," he said in 2014.

There is bipartisan agreement. 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, tweeted categorically:

He was backed up by his Texas GOP posse, saying:

In a country where people are so divided, Clark could unite. Red States, blue states. All across the isle.

"I think that's fantastic," she said. "I'm sorry they're all hating on peas, but I think it's so great."

Even the peas and lentil lobby -- oh yes, there is one -- sided with tradition, tweeting:

We went to try it at the birthplace of pea guacamole ABC Cocina in New York City.

"I'm very proud of you," said Clark.

All she is saying, is give peas a chance.

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    Vladimir Duthiers is a CBS News correspondent based in New York at the CBS Broadcast Center.