Walk Like An Egyptian

Melanie Damm is only 25 years old, but she's already made an important decision about how to spend her life: in service to others.

The San Francisco woman works for a non-profit organization - and also helps an incapacitated neighbor in her spare time.

Her friends attest to her generous spirit and cheerful demeanor. "Living in San Francisco and working in a non-profit is a very difficult thing to do," observes her pal Mandi Chappell. Her boyfriend, Greg Wollenman explained, "One of the main reasons she works where she does is because the end result is so good for people."

"An average 25 year old wouldn't be as compassionate and caring as Melanie is, and wouldn't put as much effort into service as others and wouldn't use her free time to help people that need it," said Noreen Byrne, a friend.

"She spends so much of her time giving to others, even at work she is giving to others, everything she does she is giving to others," said Greg, who stood with her as they waited in the pre-dawn darkness in front of San Francisco's Pier 39 to find out who was going to be the recipient of one of Dave Price's All Access Passes.

Melanie was stunned and excited to learn that she's joining Dave this weekend in an All-Access, all-first class trip to Cairo, Egypt; from there they'll travel to see the Pyramids.

"I'm going to throw up!" Melanie told an alarmed Dave upon learning the news. "This is amazing."

Melanie regained her composure as Dave described their trip: a flight from San Francisco to New York on American Airlines, then a non-stop flight in first class from New York to Cairo, courtesy of EgyptAir.

EgyptAir's Adly Hatour explained that the airline, one of the oldest in the Middle East, was celebrating its 75th anniversary.

"I hope you can sleep on airplanes," Dave said to Melanie.

"Today I will!" she replied.