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VP Hot Sheets: The Final Countdown

With just two weeks to go until the Democratic vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak at the convention in Minneapolis, it's crunch time for the VP wannabes.

On this week's "Face The Nation," the stakes couldn't be higher for Evan Bayh and Tim Pawlenty, who hold down the top slots on the latest Democratic and Republican VP hot sheets. When Bayh and Pawlenty square off, they'll spend most of their time talking about Barack Obama and John McCain, but the implications of their CBS News appearances are clear: this is a final tryout for the two top VP contenders.

If Bayh and/or Pawlenty shines on television this Sunday, it may very well be enough to give either man the VP nod. But if either vice-presidential prospect stumbles, Obama or McCain could decide to look elsewhere for someone who's up to the task of performing under pressure on the national stage.