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Voices of the shutdown: "We rely on that money"

Apryl Koss. Photo provided by Apryl Koss

Apryl Koss, from Hamptons Roads, Va., is trying to look on the bright side. She considers herself lucky because her husband, who is in the Navy, is essential personnel and thus required to work during the ongoing government shutdown.

However, her family hasn't received her husband's reenlistment bonus -- and the effects are significant.

"They [bonuses] were due on Oct. 2 and for us that's almost $2,000 that we expected and don't have," said Koss.

"We rely on that money for certain things like our home warranty that expires in two days. We usually use his bonus money to pay that all up front so we don't have to pay monthly, and we don't really have that right now," said Koss. "That's one of the things that's affecting us aside from stress levels."

Koss said the bonus money was also needed for an expensive car repair, as well as repairing their broken garbage disposal, and to pay for the family cat's surgery.

Without her husband's bonus, her family has no way to cover those costs, said Koss.

As of now, the family have postponed all non-essential expenses until they can save enough money or until the SRB [selective reenlistment bonus] money is received, whichever comes first.

Asked if she holds any grudges against elected officials in Washington, Koss responded:

"I'm on the fence; I'm really not trying to play the blame game. I just think it's a bit ridiculous and that the citizen should not have to suffer for what's going on in the White House. Above anything else, the citizen should be the last to be affected."