Virtual dressing room? Me-Ality promises a good fit

With holiday shopping in full swing, the lines for dressing rooms and cash registers may be putting a cramp in your schedule. A virtual fitting room body scanner called Me-Ality promises to tell men and women their perfect clothing sizes, but does it actually work?

Me-Ality spokesperson Amy Farquhar gave CBS News a demonstration of how the machine works. A wand rotates around the body and, in about 10 to 15 seconds, the machine takes measurements from over 200,000 points. Once you've finished the scan, a list of clothes  from partnered retailers will populate on Me-Ality's website -- which can be printed or emailed.

According to Me-Ality's maker, Unique Solutions, the machine uses small antennas to send and receive low-power radio signals to record the reflection of water in your skin.

In theory, if your dress size is known, trips to the mall or online shopping would be so much easier. Our results were mixed and the selection of designers to partner with Me-Ality is not complete, but the service is free and in hundreds of malls across the country. It's definitely worth a try, if you're already spending the day at the mall.