Video wedding gift is a big, smile-inducing romantic gesture

(CBS News) I don't think I've happened to mention this before, but all of us here at The Feed are big fans of romantic gestures. We don't mention it much, but it's totally true. Which is why we feel absolutely compelled to share this amazing video wedding gift with all of you. It starts off a little slow, but watch to the end and I promise it will be worth it.  Trust me.

Excuse me a moment. There's... there's something in my eye. Okay, I'm good now. The smile-inducing video was posted by YouTube user silver7222 who writes about the romantic gesture:

Originally titled 'June Third 2012', this video was made as a wedding gift from Benjamin Adam Hillson to his bride Emma Cole (Hillson). Ben made this video in secrecy and even filmed the entire thing without any help - using only his iphone camera.

Without a doubt this has earned itself a big triple-rainbow salute from all of The Feed staff, and we would like to take a moment to wish Ben and Emma all the best on their nuptials and future together!