Motorist strikes officer before speeding off in NYC's Times Square

Car strikes officer

NEW YORK -- A driver trying to make an escape in Times Square hit a police officer with his car before speeding off Saturday night, CBS New York reports. Leaving a trail of smoke from spinning wheels, the four-door Mercedes sedan zipped through the Crossroads of the World around 11:30 p.m.

The vehicle then stopped right in front of the world-famous military recruiting station, where an NYPD officer walked to the hood with his arms outstretched.

Instead of complying, the driver hit the gas and slammed right into the officer, who lost his footing and landed on the street as the car sped away on Seventh Avenue.

"Down here? He must be crazy to do that," tour vendor Barry Abdourahamane told CBS New York.

"The police officer could have gotten really hurt," tourist Victoria Soloviev told the station.

The cop may have gone down, but he wasn't out. He picked himself up and ran after the car with another officer, CBS New York writes.

A witness followed the officers and shot video along the way which shows them dodging traffic as they chased after the runaway car for blocks before the first officer's injuries got the best of him.

He was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital with minor injuries to his back and legs, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"He should get a pay raise," food truck operator Ray Cortes said.

No arrests have been made as the search continues for the driver of the sedan, which may have sustained significant body damage in the collision.