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Video: Chinese soldiers passing a live grenade

As China has turned into an economic super power, it has begun putting more and more resources into growing its military. While they build up their Navy and Air Force with bigger and better equipment, apparently the Chinese have some unusual training methods for improving their ground forces.

A video allegedly broadcast on state-run television shows Chinese soldiers passing around what appears to be a smoking grenade or explosive pack of some sort. Then one of the soldiers tosses the burning package into a hole and the several soldiers in the circle dive out of the way just before it explodes.

While the incident could easily be confused for a training fluke, apparently it's a training regimen, as what appears to be two separate groups of soldiers perform the drill.

The Atlantic Wire reports: "It looks to be part of a military demonstration for dignitaries. According a to a rough translation of the Chinese broadcast, it seems that the explosive in the video along with the the other stunts (jumping through rings of fire, etc.) are real. They are drills and military exercises but the CCTV broadcast seems to indicate that it is indeed a live explosive."

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