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Video: "Broad City" tears into Columbus Day

The "Broad City" girls are back with another holiday Web video, and this time, they're using it to rag on Christopher Columbus -- no, not the one who directed "Home Alone," but the one who serves as the namesake for Columbus Day.

Abbi opens the video innocently enough, calling Columbus Day "the National Day of Not Doing S**t," but Ilana finds the holiday to be much more troubling.

"Christopher Columbus is the original white d****e a**hole," she explains. "He raped and pillaged his way through America. I'm not going to give his ghost the satisfaction of giving me the day off." She insists on going to work to protest, but says, "I'm not going to like, do work. I'm just going to check my email, turn the lights on and off, print some s***."

She promises Abbi she'll print her things as well, in order to really stick it to Columbus.

Ilana continues: "I'd like to scalp him and show him and say, 'Gotcha b***h!'"

As for the Christopher Columbus who directed "Home Alone"? Abbi and Ilana regard him as the "real Christopher Columbus," and decide to celebrate him instead on Columbus Day.

Go here for the NSFW video.