Veterans Affairs Committee to investigate painkiller overdoses

(CBS News) On Friday, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee called for immediate action after a

CBS News investigation that we brought you Thursday.

Jim Axelrod's story showed that many returning war veterans are receiving lethal amounts of pain medication from VA hospitals.

In that story, we met Heather McDonald, who said she found the body of her husband, Scott, after he followed directions for taking a series of prescribed drugs.

"He never should have been taking those many pills," she said. "But he trusted his doctors, and if they said jump, he did because he thought it was gonna make him better. My husband served honorably, and with pride and dignity. Not to come home and die on the couch."

After seeing our report, House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller said the VA's approach to pain management is in dire need of an overhaul. He said the committee will hold hearings to fix the problems and hold those responsible to account.

Watch Jim Axelrod's investigative story, above.