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Verizon FiOS brings live TV channels to Xbox 360

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A sneak peak at the new XBox Live dashboard with FiOs integration. Microsoft

(CBS) - Xbox Live Gold members will be able to watch live television through the Xbox 360 video game consoles in December.

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If you're subscribed to Verizon FiOs cable and Internet, you'll be able to download the Verizon FiOS TV app on Xbox Live and watch 26 channels in real-time.

Microsoft announced the partnership in October and presented an impressive list of entertainment partnerships, including HBO, Bravo and SyFy.

This is fantastic news for those of us who can't be inconvenienced to switch from input 1 to input 2. But seriously, it's a great move for Microsoft because you can switch from playing a game to HBO without leaving the Xbox Live ecosystem.

I am the target demographic for this service. Call me lazy, but once I've fired up any of my video game consoles, I dread switching back to cable.

The timing coincides with the re-design launch of the Xbox 360 dashboard on Dec. 6, which includes new features, like cloud storage for game saves, integrated voice and gesture controls and Facebook sharing.

Verizon is also offering a special bundle for Xbox owners. From now until January 21, new customers who sign up for FiOS TV, FiOS 35/35 Mbps Internet and Verizon voice will also get a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership and a copy of the "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" video game. Plans start at $89.99 per month.

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