Venus Stewart Update: Police Find New Evidence in Mother's Disappearance

Venus Stewart (Personal Photo)

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. (CBS/WMMT) Police say they have found new evidence in the disappearance of Venus Stewart after searching the home of the parents of Venus' estranged husband.

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According to CBS affiliate WWMT, Michigan State Police searched the home of Douglas Stewart's parents on Friday and found evidence related to her disappearance.

"We had a couple of cadaver dogs that checked the area and it took a couple hours," Lt. Mike Risko told the local station. "We did find some evidence that we believe related to the disappearance of Venus."

Venus Stewart disappeared on April 26 from her parents' home in Colon, Michigan, south of Kalamazoo. According to Venus' mother, Therese McComb, her daughter had gone outside early that morning in her slippers and pajamas to mail a letter and never came back.

Recently, investigators learned that Douglas Stewart had moved back in with his parents in Leonidas, a civil township in St. Joseph County located about 6 miles north of where Venus disappeared.

Risko did not tell reporters exactly what evidence was found, and despite this new evidence, investigators have still not described Douglas Stewart a suspect.

"We're not going to call him a suspect until we have an arrest warrant in our hands," Risko told the CBS station. "And we do not have that at this point."

Police are still waiting for DNA results on blood samples taken from Douglas' truck in Virginia. They are also trying to get his truck back to Michigan to compare the treads to tracks found outside Venus' parents' home.

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