Venus Stewart (PICTURES): Michigan Mom Feared Kidnapped from Parents' Home

Venus Stewart (Personal Photo)

COLON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (CBS/WWMT) A search continues for Venus Stewart, a missing mother who Michigan State Police believe was kidnapped over a week ago at her parents' home in St. Joseph County.

PICTURES: Venus Stewart Missing

"There's been no sign, no word, no anything," Lt. Mike Risko told CBS affiliate WWMT. "It's as if she disappeared from the face of the earth."

Stewart's mother, Therese McComb, said her 32-year-old daughter had gone outside in her slippers and pajamas to mail a letter on the morning of  Mon. April 26, and never came back.

"There is evidence that there was a struggle," Lt. Risko told the station. "We do not believe she left of her own free will."

Friends and family of Stewart have posted missing posters and pictures of the mother all around the area. She has two daughters, ages 3 and 5.

Michigan State Police say Doug Stewart, Venus' husband, is not currently a suspect, not in custody and under no obligation to return to Michigan.

Court records in St. Joseph County show Venus Stewart had obtained an order of protection against her husband in February and feared that he would kill her. Venus filed for several protection orders from him in the last two years. Records show the couple filed for divorce in 2008, but never completed that proceeding.

Police say detectives are trying to determine Doug Stewart's alibi for April 26 and the days leading to Venus' disappearance. Lt. Risko says all investigators' contact with Doug Stewart is through his lawyer.

Anyone with any information about where Venus Stewart might be is asked to call Michigan State Police at 269-483-7611.

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PICTURES: Venus Stewart Missing