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Vatican hopes sexual abuse summit will be a turning point

Vatican hopes abuse summit will be turning point
Vatican hopes abuse summit will be turning po... 01:57

Pope Francis called more than 100 bishops from around the world to the Vatican this week to discuss how to protect children from clergy sex abuse.

The Vatican set the tone this past weekend by imposing its highest punishment: defrocking former U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was found guilty of sexually abusing a child. He's the most senior figure to be defrocked in modern times.

Organizers said the summit will focus on responsibility, accountability and transparency. The pope will take part, but said expectations had been inflated.

"The higher the expectations, the greater the frustration," said Archbishop Charles Scicluna. "If somebody thinks that we're going to solve all of the problems in three days — that is not an expectation — is going to be frustrating."

"I wonder what — of substance — is really going to come out of this summit," asked Phil Saviano, who was abused by his priest in Massachusetts during the 1960s. He was later portrayed in the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie "Spotlight." 

Saviano wasn't optimistic after listening to Monday's press conference.

"When one of the reporters asked the question about reporting these crimes to civil authorities and it was just – the question was just completely dodged," he said.

Saviano is one of about ten abuse survivors scheduled to meet with organizers on the eve of the summit. 

"I've been talking about this since 1992 and it's a little disappointing that the progress is so slow," he said.

Church leaders hope this will mark a turning point for the church, but critics question if it's just public relations.

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