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Vandals rip apart middle school classroom

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- A search is on for whoever ransacked and demolished a classroom at a middle school in Riverside, California.

The incident at Wells Middle School, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, happened over the weekend, CBS Los Angeles reports, and the images are stark.

CBS Los Angeles

A photograph posted online showed the aftermath, including overturned desks, piles of paper and other materials strewn everywhere, and ripped down ceiling tiles.

"It makes me sick," a father of one student who attends the school told the station. "People have no respect. Period."

The superintendent said the room vandalized is mostly used for science classes but also serves as a multi-purpose room.

He says the district is still assessing the damage and it's not clear how much was stolen or destroyed.

The crime has some at the school worried about safety.

CBS Los Angeles

"I'm scared for my child. There has to be security here. I'm afraid right now," said another parent, Lydia Leon.

Javier Hernandez, another parent, said: "The kids need all these materials to learn, to get ahead in life..."

According to CBS Los Angeles, police say the suspects likely broke in through a window and even though an alarm was tripped, it wasn't until Monday morning that a campus custodian came upon the damage.

The superintendent also said the school is not equipped with security cameras. He said there are no suspects in custody.