UVA Lacrosse Death: Murder Suspect George Huguely Had Run-Ins With Law in Florida, Says Report

George Huguely (UVA Media Relations)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS/AP) George Huguely, the University of Virginia senior charged with murdering fellow UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love, had two known alcohol-related encounters with authorities in Florida, apart from another arrest previously reported in Virginia.

The Florida episodes, according to the The Washington Examiner, include being charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, while at his family's home in Manalapan.

One year later, in December 2008, Huguely, of Chevy Chase, Md., was again with family in Manalapan when, the newspaper reports, he got into a "heated argument" with his father on a 40-foot fishing boat. Huguely apparently wanted to return to the beach, and was upset when his father refused, saying he would only bring his son back to the house. There were no blows, but "lots of yelling and screaming," deputies told The Washington Examiner.

According to the paper, an inebriated Huguely decided to take matters into his own hands, and dove off the boat into the Atlantic Ocean. The quarter-mile swim to shore was more than he could handle, and he had to be rescued by a passing vessel. Police found no evidence of physical violence, and no arrests were made.

One month before the boating incident, Huguely was arrested in Lexington, Va. by a female police officer who said she had to use a taser on him to subdue him, because he was belligerent. In that incident, George Huguely pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and public swearing and intoxication.

Huguely was arrested Monday, May 3 and is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Yeardley Love. Some students have claimed the pair had a prior altercation a month ago, but the Washington Examiner said that could not be confirmed.

Police say Huguely admitted that in their fatal encounter he and Love had an altercation where he shook the co-ed, and her head repeatedly hit a wall.

Huguely's lawyer has called Love's death a tragic accident.


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