Using Pot to Pay for School?

Marijuana plants seized in a raid on an illegal grow in a remote area of Balch Camp, Calif., in the Central Valley. pot plant, drug, eradication, fresno county sheriff's department, police
The Ackerley Group
So with college costs skyrocketing and the nation in the throes of a deep recession, what's a kid to do if he can't afford school?

California student Andrew Squire has an idea - use pot.

Okay, not technically use pot. More like use the idea of reforming marijuana laws as a way to raise some cash for college.

As reported by CBS station WOVR in Sacramento, Squire has started a Website called to solicit donations to pay for college in San Diego. The kick for donors? Seventy-five cents of every dollar will go to marijuana reform groups.

So far, the action's been slow. Really slow. The site launched about a month ago and as of this story's publication, Squire has brought in just $10.66. What's worse - he only gets to keep around $2.67.

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