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Up, Up & Away

Hello from Cape Canaveral! A freak hail storm at Kennedy Space Center in Florida delayed the scheduled launch of Atlantis from February to today, but weather and technical conditions are looking favorable at this point.
Atlantis is nearly ready for liftoff on launch pad 39A at 7:38 p.m.EDT for an 11-day mission. Once it docks with the International Space Station the astronauts will continue their work to assemble massive solar arrays. Basically preparing to give the ISS more "juice."

There's an amazing history of exploration at KSC since its creation in 1962, from the early days of Project Mercury and beyond the shuttle program. I've reported on two shuttle launches here before, and this time I brought my video-cell phone so you could see a little of what goes on here on the day of launch and some behind-the-scenes shots of the CBS facility.

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