"Unforgettable" star on Marilu Henner's memory

Actress Poppy Montgomery has received critical acclaim for "Without a Trace." Now, she's starring in the crime series, "Unforgettable," CBS' newest hit drama. Montgomery stars as Detective Carrie Wells.

Montgomery's character has a highly superior autobiographical memory. It's the ability to remember each day of your life as if it happened yesterday, an ability some, such as actress Marilu Henner, have in real life.

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Montgomery said on "CBS This Morning" that meeting Henner, a consultant on "Unforgettable," was a nerve-racking experience because she would remember everything from their time together.

Mongomery recalled, "I kept checking my teeth and wiping my nose and hoping that nothing was anywhere inappropriate, because I knew she would never, ever forget it. ... I saw her six months later, she told me what I wore to lunch, that I was late."

So has Montgomery's own memory improved since she started the show?

"I have a 4-year-old. I wake up. I'm not sleeping," she said. "I don't remember my name most of the time. ... I'm good with learning my lines. That's become a skill I've developed because we have to do it so quickly."

For more with Montgomery, watch her full interview in the player above.

"Unforgettable" airs Tuesday nights on CBS at 10/9c.