Under The Hoodia

As I noted last February, a 2004 "60 Minutes" story about an African plant has been surprisingly popular on The plant in question is hoodia gordonii, "a natural substance that literally takes your appetite away," according to the story.

Unsurprisingly, hoodia retailers liked the "60 Minutes" piece. The relatively high level of traffic that comes to the Web version is the result of links from sites selling the plant, which use the "60 Minutes" story as part of their marketing pitch.

And that's not the only connection between CBS News and hoodia: Recently, ads for the substance, complete with a scantily-clad model, have begun popping up prominently on Click around for a bit and you'll likely come across one.

One note: According to partner WebMD, "Few studies support the promise of the South African appetite suppressant, but believers abound." Oddly enough, I'm yet to see a hoodia ad over there.