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'Unbearable' Pressure On Stern

Co-Host Robin Quivers On FCC Actions

Shock jock Howard Stern is poised to make his move to satellite radio in the coming weeks, which will free him from the restrictions of the Federal Communications Commission.

In a recent interview, Stern told correspondent Ed Bradley he doesn't view his move to satellite radio as a victory for the FCC. "You could choose to look at it that way. I don't. I look at it that I won. I go to a new medium. I'm uncensored. And for me, it's a checkmate," Stern said.

Asked about the pressure the show was facing from the FCC over the last four years, co-host Robin Quivers says there were times she thought Stern was going to walk out.

"I think he was living a nightmare because he got up every morning wanting to do something. And he came in and he had to figure out how to entertain people, please his bosses, and not get in trouble with the FCC. And this is a man who simply wanted to sit down and say whatever came to his mind. So the amount of pressure and tension that was created was just unbearable. It was torture getting through four hours on the air, and sometimes I didn't think he was going to be able to do it," Quivers told Bradley, in an interview video released only on the Web.

"And there were many times I thought he was going to throw down everything and walk out. It was difficult for everyone around him because he was cranky, he was disturbed. Nothing was right, so it was very difficult for everyone working around us," she said.

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