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CBS News crew visits "liberated" Ukrainian town

CBS News crew takes cover while reporting in Ukraine
CBS News crew takes cover while reporting in Ukraine 02:33

Ukraine's military claims it liberated the town of Makariv, about 30 miles west of Kyiv, from Russian forces last week. But CBS News found the area appeared as though it was still being shelled by the Russians. 

As a CBS News crew approached the outskirts of Makariv with a convoy of Ukrainian troops on Monday morning, the troops urgently told the crew to get out of the vehicle and take cover. They said there was a drone overhead and they wanted the crew to disperse so they would be less of a target. 

After getting back to the vehicle, the CBS News crew turned around and traveled at high speed to leave the area. But Ukrainian troops again ordered the crew out of the vehicle, saying there were four Russian drones overhead. 

The Ukrainian troops told the crew to take cover in a nearby forest and spread out because there was Russian shelling. 

The CBS News crew was eventually able to safely leave the area and is no longer near Makariv. 

Most of Makariv's residents were evacuated earlier this month, but not everyone was able to flee. Video from a security camera reportedly showed an elderly couple killed in their car by Russian artillery. 

Ukrainians are clawing back territory, but the Russians have shown over and over that when they can't capture cites, they will pummel them with missiles and airstrikes at the cost of civilian lives. 

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