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Typhoon Haiyan seen from International Space Station

One of the most powerful storms ever recorded made landfall in the Philippines on Friday, killing at least 1,774 people in its path and leaving another 600,000 displaced.

As the storm raged across the Pacific nation, astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured a rare birds-eye view. On Nov. 12, NASA released the footage and NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg tweeted a photo of the storm.


Typhoon Haiyan's winds reached a ground-speed of 195 miles per hour. That beats the highest sustained wind speed on record, 190 mph, reached by Hurricane Camille in 1969. To put this in perspective, a Category 5 hurricane -- the highest -- is one that has winds of 157 mph or more.

The measurements of storm surge waves have varied from 13-19 feet. Early estimates say it caused more than $14 billion in damage and impacted more than 11 million people before the storm continued on to Vietnam and then into southern China. 

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