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Tying The Knot On CBS

The year is 1952 and the show is called Bride And Groom. It was the ultimate in reality TV: every morning, a young couple in love would exchange vows before a real minister in between the show's commercials.

CBS provided the rings, the tuxedos, the flowers, even the wedding dress.

The show didn't last. But some of the marriages did. Harry Moneypenny told CBS how he met his wife Patricia during a basketball game.

"Well, the ball was out of bounds and i tried to get it in bounds and fell and accidentally landed in her lap," said Harry during the taping of the 1952 show.

"He ran after a basketball, tripped and fell in my lap. Number one star on campus and he's mine!" added Patricia.

Before long, he popped the question.

"He stopped the car and took off his class ring that I was wearing and slipped on an engagement ring and said will you marry me and of course I said yes," Patricia said.

On April 30, 1952, the Moneypennys tied the knot and the host moved on to the next day's show. Viewers were invited to meet a man who went into town and met a pretty girl but didn't know her name.

That man was Bob Naylor. He'd spotted a girl at a skating rink and liked what he saw.

"She was a beautiful girl, very shapely, the kind of thing you can't pass up," said Naylor on Bride And Groom. "After three weeks, I wrote her a note asking to marry her and she said, 'In a month or a year.'"

Fast forward, "He wrote me a note and said, 'Will you marry me?' And I wrote him back and said,'In a month or a year,' and it was a year," said Arlene in a recent interview.

Fifty years later, the love is still alive. It hasn't been an easy half-century for either couple: there have been heart attacks, operations, bouts with cancer. But they say love got them through it all... and brought them to The Early Show.

"We, the children of Pat and Harry Moneypenny, would be forever grateful if the CBS Early Show would honor my parents by using their love story in their upcoming Week of Wishes," wrote Sherry Moneypenny.

The Naylor's kids also had the same request.

On Friday, May 24, 2002, both couples renewed their vows on The Early Show Plaza. Back in 1952, the couples honeymooned in $5-a-night rooms. This time around, both couples received two fabulous honeymoon vacations at the Outrigger Waikoloa Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii, airfare included.

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