Two slow motion explosions with very different results

(CBS News) While exploding almost anything opens the possibility for disastrous results, there's no denying the thrill that often comes from seeing it happen. (There's even a major U.S. holiday that tends to have a display associated with it each year in July.) Especially if it's in slow motion. So we're going to show you two different cases of this occurring, starting with a follow-up to a post last week that demonstrates when things go right and as expected in the video above.

The bang "heard 'round the world" (well, kinda) was done by The Slow Mo Guyswho have been highlighted many times before here on The Feed for their often explosive, super slow motion antics, and who write about their final item during the course of "Banger Week":

Day 4 of Banger Week! Today, as promised, Gav and Dan blow up the world!

And where they are an example of professionals who (at least seem to) know what they're doing, we shift now to a case of things going very, very wrong from YouTube user StrikingScorpion82. In slow motion, of course. It won't be too hard to figure out how exactly this might end up going bad once you see the item in question being blown up. (Spoiler: okay, it's a cow patty!)