Two More Killer Tips for Effective E-mail

Last Updated Aug 24, 2009 11:53 PM EDT

E-mail is the bane of my existence; since I spend at least 60 percent of my day sending e-mail, that leaves only about a quarter of my day -- factoring out lunch and other distractions -- to actually accomplish something related to my job description of "writer." That's why I'm always on the lookout for e-mail efficiency tips, and today I have a few more to pass along.

Specifically, PC World has a trio of e-mail tips for you:

Turn off your computer's new message notification. That's a great tip, and one I've done for years. Specifically, I mute my computer's audio entirely. Not only am I not constantly reacting to the mail ding like Pavlov's cybernetic pooch, but it extends my laptop's battery as well. Double win.

Generously use the BCC field. By moving non-essential recipients to the BCC line (or even moving everyone down there), you'll cut down on the Reply All spam that pollutes your email.

Finally, PC World recommends my BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) strategy, which I've serenaded you with in the past.

And I'm just getting warmed up: I've got plenty more tips where these came from. Here are some additional ways to write better email and spend less time in your inbox, provided to you free of charge:

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