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Two more amazing music items that you can't miss ("Gangnam Style" wedding and "Call Me Maybe" choir)

(CBS News) So just because the Friday music round-up goes out, doesn't mean that the tunes have to stop. We went ahead and set aside two special music-related items for you that seemed better to post apart from the others. We kick things off with a "Gangnam Style" wedding video.

The cute and playful wedding tribute to Psy was posted by YouTube user LightbulbEnt who writes:

Check out the wedding music video Gangnam Style parody that we shot and put together for a very special wedding day. Stefani and Jeremy are one of our cousins and reached out to us about a fun video project. They wanted to make for their wedding day, and the Gangnam Style song and dance just seemed to be a perfect fit for them. This video was shot in San Francisco and various locations throughout the Bay Area. We hope you like it! Thanks for watching.

So first Psy gets us all singing and dancing, and now he has us falling in love. Is there nothing that the K-Pop superstar can't seem to do?

And for round two of our special music addition, we've got the 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra performing a classic spin on a song you all know and love. Arranged by Colin Britt and Arianne Abela, check out a "Call Me Maybe" choir performance of Carly Rae Jepsen's summer hit below.

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