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Tweeting While He Works

Saturday is almost over, and we've been constantly moving. Dave is really keeping with the plan: Last night, he slept poolside at the hotel. Luckily, I got a real room -- I may be following him, but I don't have to follow the rules. I hope Dave doesn't get sick from sleeping outside! I know I would.

I met Dave in the morning to discuss his plan to leave Las Vegas. I asked him to meet me at the hotel restaurant ( I needed some coffee). Dave said he wasn't going to eat -- he wanted to save his $8 -- but once he got there, he broke down. He spent his money on breakfast.

After that, he got nervous and tried to earn some money back. He literally sold a shirt (a gift, no rules broken).

And now, we're off to Flagstaff. The Brunet family gave Dave a ride, and I'm along to document it. Dave is twittering on the way (see the photo), and I'm trying to guess what's next. He won't tell me.

Day Two almost done; I think we've made some pretty good time. We've certainly met some pretty great people along the way.

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