Turn a Gmail Message Into a Document

Last Updated Dec 17, 2008 12:00 PM EST

gmail-create-document.jpgEver wish you could turn an e-mail into, say, a Word document without all the cutting and pasting (which invariably leads to formatting hassles)? A new Google Labs feature lets you do exactly that: The aptly named "Create a document" adds an eponymous link to Gmail, giving you a one-click method for turning any e-mail into a Google Docs document.

To use the feature, load up Gmail, click Settings, and then click the Gmail Labs tab. Scroll down until you find "Create a document" and enable it. Click Save Changes at the bottom and you're good to go: When viewing a message, you'll see the new option on the right side of page.

Boy, Google Labs just keeps cranking out the nifty new features, huh? It was just last week that we learned how to send text messages from Gmail, and a couple months back we got the option to add your Google Calendar to Gmail. That's what I love about Gmail: It's already awesome, but Google keeps making it awesomer. (Yeah, it's a word! Go look it up.) [via The Official Gmail Blog]

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