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Tulsi Gabbard suspends her campaign and endorses Joe Biden

Gabbard discusses New Hampshire results
Tulsi Gabbard discusses her performance in New Hampshire 03:49

With only two delegates from Democratic primary contests so far, Tulsi Gabbard is suspending her campaign and endorsing Joe Biden. The representative from Hawaii made the announcement in a video posted to Twitter and in an email to supporters.

"Today, I'm suspending my presidential campaign, and offering my full support to Vice President Joe Biden in his quest to bring our country together," Gabbard said. 

Gabbard said she believes Biden will clearly be the candidate to face President Trump in November. In 2016, Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, endorsed Sanders. 

Her departure officially leaves the Democratic contest to a two-way race between Biden and Sanders, and Sanders has been taking stock of his campaign after Biden swept Florida, Illinois and Arizona Tuesday night

In her announcement, Gabbard said the best way she can continue to serve is in Congress, and possibly in the National Guard, although it's unclear if she will run for Congress again. She's said before she won't.

"After the terrorist attack by al-Qaeda on our country on 9/11, we stood together as Americans, motivated to serve, marshaling our forces to defeat our common enemy," Gabbard said. "I and so many others enlisted in the military to do just that. Likewise today, as Americans and all of humanity, we face a common enemy. It is once again time, as Americans and as neighbors in this global community, that we stand together, and work hand in hand to defeat this new enemy — the coronavirus."

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