Trust In Media Edges Up But Sharp Split Remains

The headline from the new Gallup poll may be that trust in the media has edged upwards, but it's clear some things haven't changed much.

The good news for the MSM is that a combined 50% of respondents now say they trust the "mass media" a "great deal" or "fair amount." That's up from 44% one year ago. Those who distrust the media a "great deal" or "fair amount" is 49%, down from 55% one year ago. The bad news is that those numbers have largely remained unchanged over the past decade.

When asked about the media's political leanings, 46% believe the media is "too liberal," 37% say it's "about right" and 16% say "too conservative." That is also reflected in findings within the parties. Asked if they have trust in the "mass media," 69% of Republicans say "very little" or "none at all." On the same question, 70% of Democrats say a "great deal" or "fair amount." Among Independents, it's almost evenly split.


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