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Trump's ex-personal doctor claims his office was "raided" for Trump's records

Former Trump doctor claims his office was "raided"
Former Trump doctor claims his office was "ra... 01:32

President Trump's former personal doctor isn't denying that he told a reporter that three individuals, including President Trump's then-body guard and a Trump Organization lawyer, raided his office and took Mr. Trump's medical files in February 2017. The White House is calling the reported possession of the records "standard procedure."

Mr. Trump's longtime personal physician, Harold Bornstein, told NBC News in an interview that he felt "raped, frightened and sad" when Mr. Trump's bodyguard Keith Schiller and others came for the president's records on Feb. 3, 2017, two days after Bornstein told a news publication that he had given Mr. Trump a hair growth treatment for years. At the time, Schiller was on the White House payroll. Bornstein told NBC the men collected the president's records without being given a form authorizing the release of the records, known as a HIPAA release, which constitutes a seeming violation of patient privacy law.

Bornstein declined to give an interview when reached by CBS News' Kaci Sokoloff, but confirmed he spoke with an NBC reporter. He said he spoke to the NBC reporter "in the bathroom" of his office. When Sokoloff asked Bornstein to confirm the details of the report, he said, "It was a pretty good story."

Bornstein said he won't be doing any on camera interviews, saying they are all keeping quiet. "Sweetheart, this is Watergate, goodbye!" he told Sokoloff.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Tuesday called it "standard procedure for the president, a newly elected president's medical records, to be in possession by the White House Medical Unit." Sanders said the possession was done "as requested."

Bornstein practices medicine in Manhattan's Upper East Side, and has been Mr. Trump's personal physician since 1980. Ahead of the election, Bornstein said Mr. Trump would be the "healthiest individual ever elected" to the presidency.

Kathryn Watson contributed to this report.

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