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Trump says Michael Cohen isn't his lawyer anymore

Trump says Michael Cohen is not his lawyer
Trump says Michael Cohen is not his lawyer 00:57

President Trump on Friday claimed that Michael Cohen is not his lawyer, as Cohen faces a federal investigation related to his business dealings. 

As CBS News' Jeff Pegues has reported Thursday, Cohen is under great pressure to cooperate with federal investigators, and is feeling isolated. Meanwhile, Cohen believes Mr. Trump and his allies are turning on him. Asked by a reporter on the White House lawn Friday if Cohen is still the president's lawyer, Mr. Trump responded, "No, he's not my lawyer — anymore."

It's unclear when exactly Cohen stopped being the president's lawyer. 

Asked also if the president thinks Cohen will flip, Mr. Trump simply responded, "Look, I did nothing wrong."

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen feeling isolated, under pressure 03:06

Cohen's associates say that in recent days he has become increasingly irritated by statements made in the media by the president's lawyer in the Russia investigation, Rudy Giuliani. A source tells CBS News the president's allies are trying to attack Cohen in the event that he does flip.

"This is the worst move the White House could be making at a time when the president is potentially most vulnerable and others are most vulnerable," a lawyer close to the case tells CBS News. 

As a source tells CBS News, "It's clearly never a good feeling when you're in a mess because of somebody else and then that individual or the individuals around him are trying to discredit you."

In the past, Mr. Trump has blasted the April raids on Cohen's home and office, calling attorney-client privilege "dead."

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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