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Asked how long shutdown will go on, Trump says "whatever it takes"

Trump argues for border wall in address

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were on Capitol Hill Wednesday to meet with Republicans a day after Mr. Trump's prime-time address to the nation. His speech contained no new proposals, but it outlined why he's pushing for billions in border wall funding. 

As he and Pence approached the Capitol steps, he told reporters he has "tremendous Republican support, and I think we're going to win." Asked how long the shutdown will go on, he replied, "Whatever it takes."

"We have great Republican support, as you know," Mr. Trump told reporters at the Capitol. "You are just making that up. We have tremendous Republican support. I don't think the Democrats have great support bc they all know we need border security. We need to have people stop being killed at our border, and the Democrats are losing a lot of support. Last night was a big victory for the Republicans. But It really was a big victory for America for our country. The Democrats have lost support. There is tremendous republican support. Unwavering. As you probably know."

But Some Republicans, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, are already breaking with the president and urging for the government to reopen. Democratic Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, asked at the White House if he thinks a tipping point is coming in which more Republicans will break with the president, said "yes" and "soon."

CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes asked Mr. Trump why, if illegal border crossings have gone down, it's a crisis now. 

"You know why it's gone down? Because of good management, because of me and my people, because we've managed it well," the president responded. 

Congressional leaders from both parties are joining Mr. Trump at the White House for yet another meeting in the Situation Room Wednesday, as the current partial government shutdown approaches the longest on record. 

It's unclear where the stalemate ends. Mr. Trump was clear in his remarks he's demanding $5.7 billion for barriers at the border, while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have been firm that they will not fund his border wall.

Democrats push back on Trump's claims of a border crisis
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