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Trump looks to boost campaign coffers with California fundraisers

ProPublica: Trump aide exaggerated biography
ProPublica: Trump aide exaggerated biography 11:45

President Trump is spending two days fundraising in California, as he looks to boost his campaign coffers and those of the Republican National Committee ahead of next year's presidential election. 

The president is expected to haul in $15 million across four fundraisers over the next two days, a GOP official tells CBS News' Mark Knoller. The money will benefit Trump Victory, which funds both the president's reelection campaign and the RNC. 

On Tuesday, the president is expected to take in $3 million from a lunch in the San Francisco area and $5 million from a Beverly Hills dinner. He's expected to then haul in $3 million from a Los Angeles breakfast and $4 million from a lunch in San Diego. 

The president has spent little time in the Golden State, which has become overwhelmingly Democratic. Orange County, long one of the state's bastions of conservatism, is now represented entirely by Democrats in Congress, and only seven of the state's 53 members in Congress are Republicans. 

Mr. Trump is particularly unpopular in California, and the names of the fundraiser attendees are being kept quiet. A June poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found 38 percent of likely voters in the state approval of how the president is handling his job. 

The president's fundraisers come on the heels of an energetic rally in New Mexico Monday night. The Trump campaign thinks it has a shot at winning New Mexico, a state the president lost by eight points in 2016. 

"It's been quite a while since a Republican won this state," Mr. Trump told supporters Monday night. "I think we're going to do great here. We're here because we really think we're going to turn this state and make it a Republican state."

Kathryn Watson contributed to this report

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