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Trump signs bill to honor women's suffrage

Women's suffrage's "Great Fight"
Women's suffrage's "Great Fight" 04:01

President Trump signed a bill on Monday that celebrates women's right to vote. 

The divided Congress has been unable to agree on much throughout Mr. Trump's presidency, especially since the House launched an impeachment inquiry against him, but the Women's Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act passed with unanimous consent.

The bill directs the Treasury Department to create currency that honors the women who played a major part in passage of the 19th Amendment, which was ratified in 1920.

President Donald Trump signs H.R. 2423, the Women's Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act, at the White House on November 25, 2019. Jim Watson / Getty

The bill was introduced by Representative Elise Stefanik of New York, one of the first states to give women the right to vote. 

"Nobody is gonna take that one off," Mr. Trump said in reference to women's suffrage rights.

The $1 silver coins will be issued throughout 2020 — a year when Americans could elect their first female president. But Mr. Trump and Kellyanne Conway, the president's White House counselor, emphasized that it will be at least five years until his position is filled by a woman, suggesting that he's going to win reelection.

The designs will honor many women's suffrage activists, including Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt,  Lide Meriwether, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Church Terrell, Harriet Tubman and Ida B. Wells.

Mr. Trump is likely to face some charges of hypocrisy, considering he's been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, has a history of making derogatory comments toward women, and has pushed policies that make it harder for women to exercise their right to an abortion.

During his annual State of the Union addresses, many female members of Congress have worn white as a tribute to the women's suffrage movement.

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