Trump doesn't rule out talks with Iran amid increasing tensions

Trump denies Iran spying claim

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates — Amid rising tensions with Iran, Donald Trump denied Iran's claim that it has arrested 17 people who were spying for the CIA. Tehran released video claiming it was "clear evidence" of a CIA spy ring involving 17 Iranian nationals and their American handlers, but they offered no further details.

Some of the accused, Iran says, will face execution.

"I read a report today about [the] CIA that's totally a false story. That's another lie. They put out propaganda, they put out lies," said Mr. Trump.

The allegations follow Iran's Revolutionary Guard storming a British flagged oil tanker over the weekend. Radio recordings capture the moment the Stena Impero was apparently forced into Iranian territorial waters by commandos despite warnings from a nearby British warship.

Mr. Trump said he's still open to talks with Iranian leaders. But as things continue to escalate, the president said it was "getting harder" for him to want to make a deal.