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As Trump contests Arizona election results, some young Republicans are ready to move on

Presidential election reveals a deeply divided nation
Presidential election reveals a deeply divided nation 01:49

Political tensions are still running high in the battleground state of Arizona, where Joe Biden holds a slim lead — and some supporters of President Trump are angrily questioning the results. But a group of young Republicans see things differently.

Many of Mr. Trump's strongest supporters in Arizona believe he should keep fighting the results of the election, but these Republicans say it's time for the president to concede. They all believe the projected results of the election will hold and Joe Biden is the president-elect.

Arjun Ronbla, Jeremiah Willet, Joe Pitts and Cameron Decker are with the Arizona College Republicans. Three of them voted for Mr. Trump. Decker voted for neither candidate.

"I do think it's important for him to concede at this point and allow President-elect Biden to begin the transition," Ronblat told CBS News. "It is important we realize that we can't win every election."

Willet said, "I know a few friends who right now are currently denying that Trump lost the election And they will probably be like I'll never talk to a Democrat again, but I do hope that will be rare."

Ronblat explained, "I'm actually feeling pretty good" about the election. "We were supposed to lose the Senate. We were supposed to lose the House in a blue wave and it never materialized."

After the race was called, the front page of the Arizona Republic said it was time to heal America.

"That's something we need in this time of discord," Pitts said. "But I'm going to disagree with him on a lot and I'm ready to fight him on a lot of these issues that I think matter, like the right to life. But we're not going to let him off the hook because he said a few nice things."

Willets added, "I think he's got a lot to prove to me at least that he's going to do that, so I'll wait and see — but I am hopeful."

Arizona still has not finished counting ballots. According to CBS affiliate KPHO-TV, as of Saturday, the state still had nearly 100,000 ballots to go through, although not all of them will ultimately be accepted. Mr. Trump's campaign has also filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of ballots they claim were improperly rejected due to overvotes.

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel stated in a letter last week that "no ballots were rejected at voting centers, for overvotes or any other reason."  

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