At least 26 tornadoes rip through Midwest as more severe storms loom

Damage from a tornado that touched down in southwestern Iowa on June 28, 2017.


Severe storms spawned at least 26 tornadoes across the Midwest Wednesday. The strong wind ripped roofs off homes and knocked down trees. Two people were hurt.

More severe weather is headed for the region Thursday with powerful thunderstorms expected to bring large hail and strong wind.

At least two tornadoes were reported in Linn County, Iowa yesterday.

Priarieburg, Iowa was hit especially hard where a confirmed tornado touched down, reports CBS News' Adriana Diaz.

A funnel cloud crossed a highway in Stuart, Iowa, while another tornado touched down in the city, whipping up debris.

An hour east in Pleasantville, a tornado shredded part of the roof on a home, throwing it across the yard and on top of cars. 

A tornado touched down in Stuart, Iowa on June 28, 2017. KCCI

Storms in Linn County, Iowa took out part of a grain bin and uprooted trees.

Doris Beeson saw a tornado in the county up close.

"It happened so quick. They always say it makes a roar sound. There was no sound. It was just upon us and that was it," Beeson said.

Emergency officials say more than 25 buildings were damaged in Pierce County, Wisconsin, when a tornado moved through. At least one person was hurt.

Dee Ossian was on her front porch with her two young grandchildren near Farragut, Iowa, when tornado sirens started going off.

She says the winds quickly picked up and they ran to their storm cellar.

"It was like this (motions with hands) the wind was just, it was hard to keep the boys down. That's what was so scary, I thought they were going to blow away," Ossian said. 

Part of Ossian's roof is gone but she says she's just thankful everyone is okay.

"Never been so scared and life is good, we're all okay. All this can be fixed," Ossian said.

The system that brought the twisters has passed through, but the area is still not in the clear. There is a tornado threat again Thursday in parts of Iowa, northern Missouri and northeastern Kansas.