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Topless women in Times Square breaking the law, NY governor says

NEW YORK -- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says women posing nearly naked for photos in Times Square are breaking the law and undermining efforts to keep the tourist area family friendly.

Cuomo said Wednesday on NY1 that the situation is beginning to remind him of the seedy days of the "bad old Times Square."

As CBS New York reports, the women pose for photos with tourists in exchange for cash and often wear only body paint and a thong. They call themselves "desnudas," which is Spanish for "naked."

"This is a serious issue," Cuomo said. "The specifics may be somewhat trite but it's a serious issue."

"I believe this activity is illegal," Cuomo said. "I believe it is infringing on legitimate businesses. I believe it is infringing on the investment that the state and the city made in the 42nd Street area and I believe it has to be stopped."

Cuomo touted previous efforts to clean efforts to clean up Times Square, adding: "We're not going back."

"42nd Street was a symbol of degradation of New York City and New York State. I'm old enough to remember, and history can be instructive, it was terrible," Cuomo said. "I was around for the bad old Times Square, and this is starting to remind me of the bad old Times Square. Because, remember, the bad old Times Square, there wasn't blatant corruption. It was seedy. There were panhandlers. There were people on the streets soliciting people to go inside to peep shows."

The governor says he also has concerns about performers dressed as cartoon characters who harass tourists into purchasing photos.

"This is supposed to be a tourist attraction, family friendly, the new New York symbol," Cuomo said. "Beautiful theaters, entertainment, lights... we're not going back."

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that he believes the practice is "wrong" and that the city will take action.

"It's wrong, it's wrong. It's just -- look I, as a progressive who believes in civil liberties and believes in our First Amendment, I understand the legal challenge here. But I don't think that's the end of the discussion," de Blasio said. "This situation is going to change. This is what I'll guarantee you, I'm not going to tolerate it. I'm not satisfied that we have used every tool in our arsenal yet."

Mayor de Blasio said the city is looking at several options, much to the relief of the Times Square Alliance.

"It is a quality of life issue, and the worst case scenario is that people don't want to come to Times Square," Caitlin Lewis said.

The alliance said visitors have emailed concerns, and vowed to spend their money elsewhere.

Street entertainer Paola Pena maintains no one is doing anything wrong.

What she does for money -- taking off her top, getting painted and posing for photos and tips is legal in New York.

But though toplessness is not illegal in New York, aggressive panhandling and aggressive solicitation are illegal.

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