Top 5 Playstation 2 Picks

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Publisher: Konami - Rated: Mature

If there was ever a game that scared Chad, it's Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. Having experienced its predecessors will slightly prepare you for this installment of Metal Gear Solid. This is a beautifully rendered game with amazing scenery; tight play mechanics and military espionage; aspects that made previous titles in the series such a success. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Solid Snake has to contend with the super-powered villains and a giant robot? Giant robots automatically make games rock just a little bit harder.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Publisher: Ubisoft - Rated: Mature

The original Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a sleeper hit for PlayStation 2. It introduced a concept that many gamers truthfully wished they had in these types of third person action-adventure games: time manipulation. Warrior Within is engulfed in a much darker theme, an adult Prince who is a mere shadow of his bright youthful self. Our Prince has aged some and, because of his actions in the original, is being hunted by the Dahaka, a massive dark warrior whose only mission is to rid the world of our not-so-loveable hero. In Prince Of Persia, the main character's actions focused on saving the world. However, in this game, the adult Prince is only out to save himself from the horrors he released and he will stop at nothing to be freed from it. The graphics, moves, combat system, NPC's, environments, story arch, and the Prince are breath taking to say the least.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Publisher: Rockstar Games - Rated: Mature

If ever there was a company that understood how to take a franchise and continually improve on it, it's Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is probably the strongest iteration of the GTA series. It melds a Sims like world with the antics and action that GTA is known to have. Coupled with the ability to do just about anything including hunt for a girlfriend, GTA: San Andreas will definitely give you plenty of 'weeks' worth of good'ol fashion carnage and mayhem. I tell you this much because of the vastness of this GTA world, which is about 5 times the size of it's predecessor, the replay value is extremely high. Just imagine, you can spend days just driving around the entire world either knocking people over, enjoying the scenery or a little of both, you'll always have a way to escape reality for a little, or long, while. Not for kids!

Need For Speed Underground 2

Publisher: EA - Rated: Everyone

Customizing both under the hood and the exterior are some of the many things you can do in Need For Speed Underground 2. Aside from 'hookin up' your ride with the latest gadgets, and goodies, just driving around the city of Bayview, which is now at least three times the size of it's predecessor, is an adventure. We cannot forget the ever-popular street races that if won can amount into some serious cash for you. With this you can buy upgrades for your car or buy a totally new one. The soundtrack is great too, featuring original music created by Tom Salta, it pumps and charges you through the game. Lastly, what grants this title supreme brownie points is its online feature. Rev that new supped up ride and pitch it against others online.

Dragon Ball Z: Budakai 3

Publisher: Atari - Rated: Teen

Dragon Ball Z Budakai 3 rekindles that lost sensation of the original SNES version and takes it to the next level. Not only can you go through the game with several characters starting as far back as when the first 2 saiyins landed on Earth but you can also go into training simulation where you can practice up on your special attack, ki blasts, fighting technique, etc. And there's much more. Taking a cue from RPGs (Role Playing Games), you can level up any character that's currently available and pit them against any other character in either the adventure or fighting portion of the game. This is the best DBZ game made to date. You might need a few energy drinks just to help keep you going so you can continue playing the game. What also makes this game awesome is that you can pit your leveled up character against anyone of your friends leveled up character. Can you imagine a suped up Tienshinhan vs a suped up Broli? Nuff said!

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