Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: A musical love supreme


They're six decades apart in age, but the gentlemanly jazz singer and flamboyant pop star make beautiful music together in their new album, "Cheek to Cheek."

CBS News

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sings duets on a new album out this week. How that collaboration came about is the story we've asked Anthony Mason to explore:

They seem an unlikely couple: the gentleman jazz singer and the flamboyant pop star.

"When I met her, the first thing I said [was], 'Let's do an album together,'" recalled Tony Bennett. "She said, 'Okay.' It was just that quick."

"I was a jazz singer since I was a little girl," said Lady Gaga, "and nobody had really picked up on it. So when Tony asked, I got really excited."

She's 28. He's 88. But Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga like making music together.

Mason asked her, "What was it like performing with him? It must have been a little bit intimidating?"

"Oh, yeah," she replied.

"Oh, no," Bennett interjected. "Come on."

"He asked me the question!" she laughed.

They met at a charity event a few years ago and hit it off. When Bennett went to one of Gaga's concerts this year, she climbed a ladder to the balcony to serenade him:

"When you started climbing up the ladder, I said, 'What's going on? Why is she doing that?'" he said.

She replied, "I had to get closer to you. I told you, I don't like to be anywhere but cheek-to-cheek when you're in the room."

To listen to an excerpt of Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga singing Cole Porter's "Anything Goes," click on the player below.

There may be 60 years between them, but they're both singers . . . both New Yorkers, who live just a block apart along Central Park.

"We sing all the time duets right over 6th Avenue," said Gaga. "It's just nobody knows it's us."

They're both art lovers. As a student, Bennett studied the masters at New York's Metropolitan Museum.

And they're both Italian-American. She was born Stefani Germanotta. He: Anthony Benedetto