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Tom Selleck voted for former Dallas Police Chief David Brown for president

There’s no doubt actor Tom Selleck, who plays a New York Police Commissioner on CBS’ hit series “Blue Bloods,” has respect for men and women in blue.

He made that clear when he revealed his presidential pick on “The View” Thursday.

Instead of voting for one of the obvious choices, Selleck said he opted for a write-in name: former Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Brown, who retired this fall after 33 years on the force, was thrown into the national spotlight in July after an ambush at a crowded protest over recent police shootings left five officers dead.

He was a calming voice amid the grief and panic that gripped the country. 

Brown himself knew tragedy all too well. He lost his partner in the line of duty and his brother to drug violence. And in 2010, just weeks into his tenure as chief, his mentally ill 27-year-old son was fatally shot by police after killing a bystander and an officer.

But the self-described “old-school cop” said those experiences drove him to work even harder, and Selleck found that attitude inspiring.

“That man showed such grace and leadership, I was just deeply touched by him,” Selleck told the hosts of “The View.”

Tom Selleck Discusses Presidential Election | The View

"I didn't really support either candidate," Tom Selleck says of writing in his presidential pick, Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown. "That man showed such grace and leadership, I was just deeply touched by him.

Posted by The View on Thursday, November 10, 2016

It was an easy choice, Selleck said, as he didn’t really support either candidate.

“He didn’t win, though,” Selleck added.

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