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Tom Hanks crashes wedding photos – again

Brides surprised by Tom Hanks on beach
Brides surprised by Tom Hanks on beach 01:24

Tom Hanks has again committed an act of photobombing  — and again, it was at a wedding. The Academy Award winning actor surprised a bride in downtown Pittsburgh over the weekend, CBS News station KDKA reports.

Photographer Rachel Rowland was snapping away, capturing the bride and bridesmaids. In one photo, the bride looks shocked – because Hanks had just passed by, and is visible in the background. The actor is in the city filming "A Man Called Otto," according to KDKA.

Hanks stopped and posed with the bride, Grace Gwaltney, and her bridesmaids outside of the Fairmont Pittsburgh, Entertainment Tonight Canada reports. 

Rowland posted a series of her shots on Instagram, but admitted the photo bomb from Hanks wasn't the best part of the day – even though he's the GOAT, or "greatest of all time."

"Yesterday was filled with joy, and laughter and fun and love and family and hugs and I just can't get enough Grace and Luke," the photographer wrote in the caption.

She told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette how the photobomb happehned. "We were all walking from the hotel to the limo, and out of nowhere, he pops up and just says, 'My name is Tom Hanks! Can I take a photo with the bride?' We all started screaming and were pretty much in shock," Rowland said. "He was just as wonderful and charming as you'd assume. His wife, Rita [Wilson], was there and got in some photos, too."

Hanks crashed another wedding last year when he was walking on the beach in Santa Monica. The two brides, Diciembre and Tashia Farries, were shocked by the star's appearance. 

"The day was great already," Tashia said. "We had a beautiful ceremony and go to take photos with our photographer and we line up our family and Tom Hanks walks through the crowd and asks to take a photo with us." Tashia said, adding that Hanks told them how beautiful they were and stuck around to chat for five minutes.

And in 2016, he spotted a wedding while running in New York's Central Park. The bride and groom invited him to take part in their wedding photos and Hanks even posted a shot on his Instagram. "Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx," he wrote.

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