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Tom Hanks crashes two brides' beach wedding

Brides surprised by Tom Hanks on beach
Brides surprised by Tom Hanks on beach 01:24

Tom Hanks is a wedding crasher — again. The actor was walking on the beach in Santa Monica when he stumbled upon a wedding ceremony. The two brides, Diciembre and Tashia Farries, were shocked by the star's appearance. 

Tashia said when Hanks first walked up to them she said, "Who is this guy getting in our photos?"

Then, their family members began recognizing him. "That's Woody!" video shows one person telling a child at the wedding. "From 'Toy Story!'"

"The day was great already," Tashia said. "We had a beautiful ceremony and go to take photos with our photographer and we line up our family and Tom Hanks walks through the crowd and asks to take a photo with us." Tashia said, adding that Hanks told them how beautiful they were and stuck around to chat for five minutes.

In a video from the encounter, it seems Hanks was just as surprised. "Get out! My stock just exploded!" he exclaimed. The Oscar-Winner is seen introducing himself to the brides and then posing for photos with them. 

Hanks gave the pair, who are parents to 1-year-old August, some advice on marriage. "He said, 'Make sure you keep your love alive, I can see by looking at you that you have a lot of love, so work on it daily,'" Diciembre said. She said Hanks was humble and made everyone feel comfortable. 

"I'm a private celebrity chef, and I'm often around celebrities in Hollywood, but even for me, it was like, 'Wow, that's Tom Hanks,'" Tashia said.

Deciembre said she now believes Hanks was meant to stumble upon their wedding. 

"It was extra special for me. I ended up finding out Tom Hanks and my brother Dante, who passed away back in 2017, shared a birthday," she said. "So, I kind of feel like it was my brother's way of being at our wedding without him actually being able to be there. It was very special that out of all people Tom Hanks was the one who showed up that day."

This is not the first time Hanks, 65, has crashed a stranger's wedding. In 2016, he spotted a wedding while running in New York's Central Park. The bride and groom invited him to take part in their wedding photos and Hanks even posted a shot on his Instagram.

"Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx," he wrote.

Tom Hanks gives newlywed couple best wedding gift 01:30
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